Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Playgroup Excursion

Figtree hosted a playgroup excursion today. What better way to inspire the next generation of green thumbs?

Bring together wheelbarrows, shovels, seedlings, enthusiasm and lots of small hands.

Planting some seedlings.

Saying hello to a helpful worm.

Followed by a picnic and more play. Perfect. Thanks to all of the mums and dads that came down and joined in some fun at the garden. As is often the case, it really is the more the merrier.

Come, and grow with others.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Upcoming Events: Herbs in the Burbs

'Herbs in the Burbs' is on Sunday 19th September from 10am - 3pm.
A National WEA initiative to promote public awareness of Complementary Health
It's a Complementary and Alternative Medicine open day at Fig Tree.
There will be stalls, food, entertainment, garden tours, a raffle and information about the relevent WEA Courses.
The stalls will include: Naturopathy Consultations, Iridology, Remedial Massage and Organic food and beverages.
Childrens activities provided.
For more information contact Sue Johnston, Email:

Flowers are out

There are bursts of colour down at the garden, perfect for a slow meander.